TOSOWOONG Hair Cushion

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Available in Midnight Black Immediately calibrate your hairline. Small size can be used at any time convenient. Hwasungcho extract and black soybean extract. To help the hair and scalp health. It is a fine particle formulation and has excellent adhesion to hair line skin. It gives a strong endurance without having to retouch. The paradigm of small face complete small circular hairline.

Ingredients that cares the health of scalp and hair. Great application and Long lasting Product description:

1. Volume top head cover

2. Hairline correction

3. Small area as well as large area use

4. Sticks and stays on skin very well


1. Tidy up the part to fil

2. With the puff, gently tap the area

3. Check an see the hairline correction

*To use it, remove the inner cap in the product. Tap it about 4 to 5 times to let it come out.

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