TONYMOLY Tako Pore Sebum Control Gel Cream


Tako Pore Sebum Control Gel Cream

The Product Details Of Tonymoly Tako Pore Sebum Control Gel Cream

Without doubt one of South Korea’s cutest exports, TONYMOLY’s products are as brilliant as they’re adorable. Triggering our K-Beauty addiction with innovative ingredients, cutting-edge technologies and THE most perfect packaging, this is serious skin care (and make up!) – that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Perfect for keeping excess sebum and shine at bay, this non-sticky, gel-textured cream absorbs easily, infusing skin with pore-minimising marine extracts and hydrating ingredients for a refreshed, oil-free finish.

If you want to hydrate your skin while keeping excess shine and sebum at bay – look no further than this Tako Pore Sebum Control Gel Cream. Specially formulated to apply as lightly as possible and absorb quickly, this cream not only conceals oil and excess sebum, it also nourishes skin and provides refreshing hydration for a fresh, shine-free finish. Coral powder grants a fresh, mattified finish, while Hawaiian deep sea water hydrates and marine extracts nourish and soothe – taurine has a pore-tightening effect, sea salt calms skin and back peat water purifies by absorbing waste and toxins.

How To Use:

  • Spread evenly over skin as the last step of skincare.
  • Pat gently until fully absorbed.

TIP: Apply before base makeup as an oil-controlling primer


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