THE FACE SHOP Smart Peeling Mild Papaya

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 Smart Peeling Mild Papaya

The Benefit of Using The Face Shop Smart Peeling Mild Papaya

  • Smart Peeling Mild Papaya efficiently removes impurities and dead skin cells that clog pores.
  • Soft Exfoliation + Moisturize.
  • Minimizes irritation with 5 free formula (Free from paraben, alcohol, animal ingredients, mineral oil, artificial coloring).
  • Ideal for all skin type (especially sensitive skin or thin skin).
  • Natural enzyme extracted from papaya softly absorbs dead skin cells.
  • Hyaluronic Acid creates a layer of moisture barrier, maintain smooth skin texture.
  • For skin calming and moisturizing ability.

How To Use:

Pump the product once or twice and apply to freshly cleansed and dried skin.
Massage in for 30 seconds, avoiding the eye and lip contour areas.
Rinse with water.

NB: Don’t forget to do patch test before application.


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