THE FACE SHOP Herb Day Cleansing Cream – Green Tea

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Mild cleansing cream containing green tea extract effective in cleansing skin and melting granules to keep your skin moister and healthier.

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Herb Day Cleansing Cream Green Tea

What Benefits Get Using This Product?

A cleansing cream that contains granule ingredients and green tea extracts is effective in skin cleansing, with mild touch feel​.
What are cleansing creams: Cleansing cream is a skincare product that washes and moisturizes your skin, getting rid of dirt, sweat, makeup, and bacteria. It is usually made from a combination of mineral oil, petrolatum, water, and waxes.​

How To Use:

Get an adequate amount on palms. Massage the face until the make up base gets off. Wipe it out with a tissue. Use cleansing foam as the last step.​


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