SKINFOOD Premium Peach Cotton Emulsion

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An essence-type emulsion that provides effective moisture to skin just like peach juice without oiliness.

Pat to moisturize. An essence-type moisturizing lotion that replenishes insufficient essential moisture, while forming a smooth barrier and leaving a soft finish to create clean and moist skin.
– Calamine Powder Pink Bloom™ absorbs unnecessary sebum to create supple skin like a peach without oiliness.
– Contains 10% peach extract​

Peaches are rich in vitamin A and vitamin C, which are antioxidants that help reduce free radical damage and possess anti-aging benefits. Naturally occurring acid in the skin helps prevent acne and repair acne scars. The organic acid found in peaches can boost skin acid’ s rejuvenating effects. Finally, pectin, a type of fiber, is found in the skin of peaches and helps to tone and firm skin.

How To Use:
After toner/serum application, dispense an ample amount onto palms. Smooth gently over entire face until completely absorbed.


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