Paxmoly Collagen Extra Repair Hair Serum 100ml

৳ 950.00


Hydrolyzed collagen serum is perfect for hair that’s been weakened or damaged by hair color, or heat styling.


  • Collagen helps in hair growth, reducing hair loss, and keeping hair strong
  • Improves elasticity and hair volume
  • strengthen your hair making it more tough and hard to break
  • reduces the amount of split ends that you have right now and the potential for split ends in the future
  • Collagen also calms frizz, provides smoothness, and makes your hair shinier and more manageable
  • Strengthen hair, prevent it from falling
  • Treat hair veins fast and make hair smells good
  • Treat damaged, dry, and sticky hair
  • Moisturize hair, making it bouncy and healthy

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