PAX MOLY Aloe Vera Smoothie Cream

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 Aloe Vera Smoothie Cream

The Benefit Of Using Pax Moly Aloe Vera Smoothie Cream

  • Formulated with genuine Aloe Vera plus Collocalia(Swallow’s nest), it contains enriched nourishing. Just applying makes your skin full of hydration.
  • Whitening and Anti-aging – Dual functional cosmetics
  • Your skin will be packed solid with full hydration by Vitamin Ultra Moisture cream.
  • Vitamin capsule in Aloe Vera Smoothie cream pop in your skin to provide nourishing.
  • Collocalia(Swallow’s nest) extracts maintain skin full level of hydration.
  • Genuine Aloe Vera extracts make your skin crystal clear.

Product Description

Vitamin capsule in Aloe Vera Smoothie cream instantly absorbed into skin to leave it supple, vitality and hydration without any greasy residue by popping then turning into shape of water drop.

Containing Aloe Vera leaf extracts known for as good soothing effect and Collocalia(Swallow’s nest) extracts recognized as superb function of purifying skin, it helps to maintain moisturization quite so long time.

How To Use:

After washing the face, apply a generous amount on skin evenly then gently massage in a circular motion until water drop formed. Softly dab with fingertip to be absorbed fully.


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