MIZON Moroccan Blending Treatment Shampoo

৳ 2,500.00

Like getting a professional hair treatment from a hair salon.

Simply solve complicated & hair problem with argan oil formula

*Simply solve complicated scalp &hair problem

*Organic argon oil blending treatment

*Dead skin cell on scalp and oily hair control

solve complicated scalp & hair problem. Contains Aloe vera leaf extract and Lavender that calms the scalp and make it become healthy again. Treats hair damage, plentiful protein and vitamin provide nutrition to damaged hair. Organic Argan oil creates water moist film on the surface of damaged hair to help your hair look healthy and shiny even after number of hair perm, hair dye and blow dry. Prevents from future damage and restores to bring out healthy looking hair. Bountiful bubble & BHA elements control oily hair and remove bodily waste as well as dead skin cells to help your scalp to stay clean.

How To Use:
Use an appropriate amount on wet hair and massage hair and scalp. Rinse with lukewarm water.

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