INNISFREE Dashing Diva (Shade 65)

৳ 1,200.00



The Product Features:

  • 1 step to apply Magic Press gel nails. Easy, peel-off removal in seconds.
  • Gel shine in no time.
  • No glue, no dry time, no damage. Safe on natural nails.
  • Quick & Easy – No skill or technique required. Just press on.
  • Apply anywhere and anytime.
  • Mix and match designs within each set effortlessly.
  • Instant high gloss gel effect, nail salon look.
  • Nail extension effect. Customisable length.
  • Ultralight and comfortable material

How To Use:

Using a built-in “Prep Pad”, after removing the oil, water in the nail, the nail is used. Attach attaching close to the cuticle line, it gives press 3-5 seconds to prevent air from entering between the nail and nail.

1 ~ 5 days can be used. There may be a difference in the durability depending on a nail shape, the user.



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