INNISFREE 5-Minute Green Tea Leaf Powder Face Mask

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3-in-1 anti-oxidant powder mask made from Jeju green tea leaves helps all skin types look brighter, more soothing and hydrated in just 5 minutes.

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1. 3.5 times more enriched with 16 types of amino acids than the original, Beauty Green Tea reopens the dehydrated moisture path in the skin to moisturize.
2. Gentle aroma of green tea relaxes the skin while the natural scrub and soft powder exfoliate to reveal smooth skin.
3. The formula immediately turns into a pack by simply mixing with toner or water. The natural texture lets you feel like you are using a fresh-made pack every day.


How To Use:

① Scoop the powder up to the first line of the measuring spoon and pour the toner up to the second line.
② Mix the powder and toner well with a finger and spread evenly over face.
③ Gently massage over face 5minutes later and rinse with lukewarn wate


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