BOOKKI 24K Gold Signature Premium Ampoule

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The Benefit of Using BOOKKI 24K Gold Signature Premium Ampoule

Gold ampoule essence which contains 24K Gold and 5 types of Peptide makes your skin of moisture improvement and nutrition.


  • As it contains a lot of 24K Gold, it improves nutrition and bright of skin.
  • It provides fresh moisture and nutrition without stickiness, and adjust skin’s balance of moist and moisturizing.
  • It contains 3 type Hyaluronic acid of excellent moisture capacity and 3 types of Collage and then makes moist and elasticity skin.
  • Capsuletad Peptide of nano size (under 1 um) and effectively provides nutrition ingredient and skin attraction.
  • It vitalizes skin and makes skin clean and clear.
  • It improves bright skin tone and wrinkle skin.

How To Use:

Apply after your evening double cleanse, toner, and essence. Pat onto skin in upward and outward motions until fully absorbed. Follow up with moisturizer.



NB: Don’t forget to do patch test before application.


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